RPG Goddess (rpg_goddess) wrote in neopets_18up,
RPG Goddess

Please Read!

Just spreading the word that my neopets account was hacked, if you ever hear from a person called neoanimegoddess do not reply. i have emailed neopets and told them to delete this account as soon as possible im not going into details here until it is taken care of. I know it was hacked because the other day with the new security code i couldnt get in and then today, there was a new neopet, a peophin, which i did not own, so that account is being used by someone other than me, I have NEVER given my password, nor have i EVER used any third party programs... I believe that the neopets database was bruteforced and that they know of the issue hence the new security code going into effect.

I will return on a new account again someday. but for now im a little traumatized to lose 3 years of my hard work etc.

good luck neopia, see you around in a few weeks - months ^^
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