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Wow this is great! I was beginning to think I was "too old" to be playing neopets and their games, but I am having fun and have become addicted myself. I am glad there is a community on LJ for us over 18 who play there. I am 34 and have played Neopets since February after being introduced to it by my daughter. I have looked at the guilds pages and have wondered about if I should join one or not because I would rather join something where there are adults and it takes so long to sift through all the guilds. Anyways, I started with a red eyrie named Saatyre and now I have 3 other pets because I wanted to take care of more! I am trying to "educate" Saatyre enough to be on the book club list, so I am trying to keep my eyes out for good deals on books! Any tips about making neopoints easily would be most welcome!
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