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neopets_18up's Journal

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This community is for neopet users 18 and up. Neopets is a fun FREE online game similar to monster rancher, pokemon, dragon seeds, tamagotchi, petz, nano babies, and aibo.
Unfortunately most people deem such games as childish and "stupid" but not here. Here we are seeking out a tighter knit community, Neopet owners 18 and over are encouraged to join our group. We will have monthly contests, tips and tricks, chat, and even some good roleplaying. So if you feel "too old" to be playing neopets, fear no longer, for now you belong! ^_^

My other lj account which you may see me in here under is rpg_goddess. My neopet user name is neoanimegoddess.

If you don't know what neopets is and want more information head on over to:

In the world of neopets you care for and feed and watch over cute anime styled animals. You can equip them with awesome weapons and armor and duke it out in the arena, or there are hours and hours of flash games, so many fun free games it will take you days to explore the entire site...
Build an amusent park for all to see, or how about a factory where you manufacture toys, your own neopet store, or even the house of your dreams. It is all possible in neopets. Come see what you've been missing. Neopets combines the greatest elements of strategy, simulation, roleplaying, and virtual pets to create a totally awesome and unique experience that will have you hooked right from the start!