RPG Goddess (rpg_goddess) wrote in neopets_18up,
RPG Goddess

I'm back

Well I started playing neopets again... It's been almost a year since my last account was hacked... It had ALOT of sentimental value and i lost my will to play... It had stuff my boyfriend and friends bought for me over the years... xmas... birthdays... etc... It also had a maloeviant sentinel poogle and a couple other pets but i mention him cuz he is one of the rarest neopets in the entire game and can only be gotten with the lab ray. I still havent really played much with my new account because i had company over memorial weekend. But I just thought i'd say if you were on my friendlist before, or just want new neofriends feel free to add my new name: platinumdreams My pet is a blue Shoyru named Tobikkiri currently still level 1 and all. Also I'm interested in joining either a roleplaying (in character) guild and/or a guild for older kiddies (Just turned 23) So let me know if your guild is recruiting.

platinumdreams got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com
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